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In 1994 while recuperating from a motorcycle accident, a physical therapist suggested stained glass as a hobby / therapy that would help to recapture the lost dexterity of my fingers. One operation lead to another with a lot of down time in between. One day while recovering I watched a PBS program that explained the basics of stained glass. That’s all it took…I was hooked. I called my friend Don and we went out that day to buy everything I’d need to start “creating”. All that remained was an idea of what to make.

Later while attending a retrospective at the SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) I was inspired by an artist named Sol LeWitt. My signature Guilday Glass designs are a direct result of my exposure to his interpretation of abstract expressionism in contemporary art. His use of primary colors and simplistic shapes to create works of art that are complex and satisfying was all the inspiration I needed.

In early 2001, with the help and encouragement of my wife Patricia, I left my job with Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. We moved from beautiful San Francisco, CA to quaint Walpole, MA, and fulfilled my dream of opening my own business…Guilday Glass. Today having fully recovered from those injuries I’m still “in therapy”, and have turned my much loved pastime into a successful business. Thanks to everyone that helped make it possible.






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